Artist's corner...... Favor Exner & Maria Tuturas

Favor Exner:


I am blessed with experiencing the powerful effects of fiber art as one of the pain management alternatives that benefit me. Creative flow stimulates new brain patterns, fiber texture & color helps me develop hand/eye coordination which calms anxieties. 


Admittedly, aging & health challenges certainly alter my lifestyle but they haven't conquered who I am at heart. Thankfully, with the therapeutic gift of fiber arts, I am able to focus on blessings of Jehovah instead of being defeated by fibromyalgia's pain & exhaustion, Addison’s disease, hypothyroidism, insect, animal & social phobias, panic disorder, asthma, chemical & noise sensitivity, psoriasis, colitis, incontinence, glaucoma, cataracts, neuro-trauma of brain tumor & aneurysm, all of which are manageable when kept in perspective. Openly admitting these doesn't mean that I'm owning defeat, nor is it a lack of faith.


Prayer is the empowering core that replenishes faith and restores my spirit of thankfulness with each day's challenges. My journey is a combination of  experiences...a bit of this & that, not this or that. The "J" in my JOY negates worry of what's up next with what creations am I yet to  design today 


Maria's artistic brilliance is indescribable. She doesn't know stitch names nor does she read patterns. Not in spite of, but because of this she soars to her own unique creative orbit. Maria's flying fingers create in weeks and months what would take many of us years to do. The threads that bind us to Maria are her sense of humor, loving kindness and generosity which she bestows upon young and old alike. Please acquaint yourselves with her bio.